LiveChat99 Services

LiveChat99 professionals offer you a wide-array of Live Chat service in order to assist any sort of business. It helps to increase business revenue, trustful customer relationships, and improved customer support related to the business. We also offer attractive packages to our clients while understanding their respective needs in order to resolve their queries or problems. Getting instant result for a query or concern is becoming popular among customers. Most of the users are being frustrated with call center waiting services offered. Through this software, customer can get instant solution of their problems from experts or live agents.

Some of the most common chat services are:

  • 1. Easy Integration
  • 2. Trustful customer support
  • 3. Door to Lead Generation
  • 4. E-Commerce Support
  • 5.24x7 Support from Live Agent
  • 6.Instant Help to Customer

As Live Chat service provider, we are always ready to help our customer and provide trustful services with proper guidelines. We are expertise in following features inbuilt in live chat support software:

Broad Visitor Information System

Easy Integration:

It takes less than 5 minutes, in case of integration of chat widget in the website with the help of our live chat support. Yes. It’s easy to integrate and customize in accordance to the customer as well as professional needs. Change chat window, admin panel color and many more customization can be done with quite easy approach.

Lead Generation:

Online chat support helps the business owners to generate leads for their business. Recognized and satisfactory service towards customer, plus one lead. This can be achieved by initiating customer requirements for products and services that are being offered which move towards lead generation.

E-commerce Support:

With the help of live chat plugin for website agents are successfully able to deal with various horde and products by selling them via online chat in case of E-commerce portals. Due to its portable nature, it is easy to integrate any sort of CMS platform to generate leads towards the service.

24x7 Live Agent Support:

One agent has to available online for 24x7. Agent is required to initiate the chat by inviting customers on the respective website page. It’s optional to provide work details to the chat visitor. This activity can build a customer trust towards the company or organization. It’s the best mean to define an appropriate procedure for the purpose of describing and defining the services that are being offered to the respective clients and customers.

Instant Customer Support:

21st century is the era of technology. Everyone needs instant results. It’s the correct time to say good bye to the call centers. Try our best chat plugin for website, integrate it and provide ultimate instant support in order to satisfy needs of customers and offer them excellence level of satisfaction. It is essential for an agent to stay online every time for the purpose of providing instant support services to the customers. Any delay in response can affect the online presence of any business.

LiveChat99 is successfully offering all above mentioned services to their customer for fulfilling their needs of enhancing the level of service that they are going to offer to the respective clients.